Studio of applied research design is a design practice that incorporates and carries-out interdisciplinary research in order to advance and generate user-orientated design. The practice was formed initially at the University of Cambridge by Jack Sardeson and has since gone on to undertake research in collaboration with the; RIBA, Winston Churchill Trust, and British Council. Although the practice works in a number of sectors, we have built up a particularly strong portfolio in the design for the elderly and those living with with dementia.

All our designs are founded upon, and are continually iterated in combination with, a strong evidence-base; however, we also recognise the importance of more nuanced, tacit, design methodologies within this process. Each project is therefore subject to critical analysis at every stage, even after completion, thereby creating high-quality designs based-upon an accumulative and evolving knowledge-base. We hope that the continued trust and support of the aforementioned institutions is evidence of our good work. If you have further questions and/or inquires please see our contacts page.