Do you know the way? London Festival of Architecture 2017

In collaboration with the Department of Neuroscience at the University of Cambridge the objective of the pictured installation was to record users navigation through a series of urban conditions. These routes were displayed via three projectors in the format of first person perspective videos. Participants were asked to watch these journeys and then recall which way they had gone at specific junctions. The results, in short, supported the hypothesis that the brain maps space in two different ways; one of which is progressively impaired as one ages.

The design of the installation additionally took into account the specific difficulties experienced by those with dementia. Due to a perceptual difficulties leading to a fear of falling and weakening of the axial muscles in the neck and back those with dementia tend to have a lower plane of vision. As such the floor plane becomes the most important surface for those dementia and it is this perceptual shift that the installation highlights by displaying information on the floor rather than the walls.