Gibeleich Alterszentrum

Location: Zurich, Switzerland
Architect: Opfikon
Project Year: 2010

(Text provided by Opfikon): The Gibeleich retirement center provides a home for people of the third age. The aim is to promote and maintain the independence of senior citizens who have come to the retirement center and to ensure their further care in Opfikon if they are in need of care.

The residents are personalities who, after a fulfilled life, no longer want to or can live alone or as a couple in an apartment or in a house. Therefore, they decide voluntarily or by force to move to the retirement center. The residents and residents have the right to be accompanied in this phase of life, respecting their personality, their life experience and their abilities. The time in the retirement center should become another fulfilled period of life. The focus is on the residents with their needs and demands. In order to take due account of the quality of life in the new environment, emphasis is placed on the fact that internal removals are only carried out in the interests of the residents in the area of ​​’care homes’. The management of the retirement center is based on the principles of modern age care.

All rooms are designed bright and generous. The rooms in the new building also have a small balcony overlooking the beautiful courtyard, the garden or the mountains. We provide you with a nursing bed. You are invited to bring your own furniture so you can design your room to your liking. Our room rental is based on single rooms. For couples or life partners are also double rooms available.